Printable Reader’s Services

My daughter is our choir director and has been putting together reader’s services for parishioners to print out and use at home. She has been working on these for Holy Week and Pascha and beginning today is allowing me to share them for our family and friends everywhere. I know many people will follow services online and have no need for the services done in the home but there are many who would prefer to do these services rather than to follow online.

So beginning with Vespers for Palm Sunday and going through Pascha you can print out any and all of these services to do at home. As she completes them and I upload them, they will become live links. Check back often. All these services are modeled after our own parish services. We are under the Orthodox Church in America.

Sung on Saturday evening, April 11th: Vespers of Palm Sunday

Sunday Morning, April 12th: Typica for Palm Sunday

Sunday evening: Bridegroom Matins

Monday evening, April 13th: Bridegroom Matins

Tuesday evening, April 14th: Bridegroom Matins

Wednesday evening, April 15th: Matins of Holy Thursday And sheet music.

Thursday afternoon, April 16th: Vesperal Divine Liturgy of St. Basil
Matins of Holy Friday, read on Thursday evening. Sheet Music

Friday, April 17th: Vespers of Entombment and Sheet Music
Matins of Holy Saturday with Lamentations. Sheet Music

Saturday, April 18th: Typica for Vesperal Divine Liturgy (typically served in the afternoon)
Nocturns (typically starts at 1130pm but do when you can!)
Paschal Matins Reader’s Service (brought to you from the OCA website!) if you like to sing here is the sheet music we scanned from our own choir books. There is a lot of it…the service is almost entirely sung.

Sunday, April 19th: Great and Holy Pascha Hours and Typica (again brought to you by the OCA website)
Agape Readers Vespers (From the OCA website)

Our hope is that you will find these helpful to you as you worship in your homes this Holy Week and Pascha!

If you are looking for the Paschal Hours that are sung/read in place of morning and evening prayers all during Bright Week they are above under Sunday, April 19th. “Great and Holy Pascha Hours and Typica”. The PDF has both services, just print the first two pages for the Hours.

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