Store: Kindler of Joy Creations

Welcome to Kindler Creations! The store is hosted by Etsy: Kindler of Joy Creations. But you can view things here as well and each item is clickable to the Etsy shop!

Greeting Cards

Christmas Card Sets: Pack of 10 that has 2 each of 5 different photos. These photos are all my own photos or photos of a family member. Pack of 10 sells for $15 each.

Each Christmas card is sold separately as well.


Notecards are created from some of the picture quotes I have used. This will grow as time marches on . So check back frequently for updates.

There are blank notecards: Psalm 100 and Sunflower notecards that have a note in them. Single they are $1.95 plus shipping or in sets of 5 for $7.95.

There will be things added periodically so check back. Or follow me on Etsy as a favorite and never miss something new.

See you there!