A Special Message

I was blessed beyond measure to join my daughter and our priest to serve the full Canon of St. Andrew Wednesday evening. This was bittersweet. It felt so good to be there in the place I have missed so much but it was empty.
These days have been so difficult. And the reality closing in that we will not get to assemble during Holy Week and then to celebrate together our risen Lord has been very sobering.

A week ago though I came across a message from Bishop Alexis of Bethesda that really brought to me a completely different perspective. A new mindset.

“During this crisis of the corona virus, we are given the opportunity to become men and women of deep prayer. We are given the occasion to “enter into our closet, and when we have shut the door, pray to our Father which is in secret” (Matthew 6:6), offering Him our repentance, our gratitude, and our love.”

“…it is the time to heed the call to prayer in our heart to the God of our heart. There is a rich, inner world beckoning to us, a world where God is all in God. Let’s take the gift of this time to enter into that world.”

Today a second reflection from Bishop Alexis came out. It is equally edifying. It lifts the soul.

“In other words, gently, graciously, and gratefully yielding to this situation with humble acceptance will enable us to pray as we have never prayed before.”

“Let us receive humbly the sign of the Prophet Jonah in a way that leads to the light and life that are ours in Christ Jesus. This Pascha, let’s sanctify our homes and lives in wonderful ways. Let’s humbly do whatever is necessary to make one room in our home into a Church.”

These are just s few quotes from those 2 messages. The articles can be found below. Absolutely worth reading.

Some Thoughts on the Crisis and the Call of the Corona Virus- Message 1

The Sign of the Prophet Jonah in Our Days – Message 2

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