Maxim 17

Welcome to Maxim Mondays! Today we are on week 17 and Fr. Thomas Hopko instructs us to "Cultivate communion with the saints." He says, Learn who the holy people were in Christian history. Learn who they were who taught, who suffered, who died, who lived a Christian life. And emulate them. As St. John of …

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I am currently listening to the book "Garden in the East: The Spiritual Life of the Body" written by Angela Doll Carlson. She won the Silver Medal winner of the 2018 Independent Publisher Book Award (IPPY). It is wonderful and I was able to get it on Audible! She talks about how we tend to …

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This Moment

Gretchen Rubin and her amazing research on happiness with the outcome of some really good books has introduced me to Walt Whitman. May we all work towards this place and this hour! To look, listen, smile and love, in this place where we are at right now. Thank you, my joys, for visiting me today!