Praise and Worship the Word

Today in hymns for the Resurrection, the weekly reminder that Christ is risen!, we sing so many beautiful hymns it is hard to choose just one.

In November 2019 I shared some stichera hymns of the Resurrection tone 5.

This one we sang last night…

I remember this photo well. It was a crisp, sunny day and we were cutting trees for firewood at a friends house. It was so beautiful out! It really makes me yearn to get outside more. As I mentioned Friday, I’ve been hiding inside quite a bit lately. Thursday’s hike and the photos I’ve been looking up for using on the website have been inspiring me to get out and look up!

This week’s new reminder is the Troparion Hymn of the Resurrection tone 5…

I can’t wait to get out and hike more! Especially to get over to visit Mt. Rainier as often as I can this summer. I hope to go at least once a month once the park really opens for hiking. This is one of the visitors centers right now…

Jackson visitor center buried in snow!

They do plow to this location in the winter but they are currently closed due to an incredible amount of snow they’ve had in the past week or two. They’ll plow eventually and we could visit but there is no hiking! I’d love to learn to snowshoe someday and maybe that will be a future adventure for me!

At any rate, nature is calling me. “The whole earth is full of His glory” (Isaiah 6:3) and I long to be in it.

Have a beautiful Resurrection Sunday, friends!

Coming soon! Lenten Cards and Pascha cards! I’ve created some Lenten cards as a means to encourage one another on our journey through Great Lent. Look for them soon in my Etsy shop! Pascha cards and prints will be there soon as well. I will have the usual ones as well as a couple new sets. Follow me on Etsy and you won’t miss any updates.

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