Looking Up

As I walk from my office to the car I find myself looking up.

I find my self looking up a lot lately. I am completely enamored with clouds and trees and the beauty they create.

Ever since I read Everywhere Present and the chapter on “We live in an altar” I have made a conscious decision to look up and around to find and notice this beautiful world God has given us.

Oh, it isn’t easy to remember to look up rather than at my feet. Just staring down at my path is far easier to do. It requires no thought.

But when I do look up, I am never disappointed. I am in awe, every time.

Even on what I used to consider bleak, gray days. I see beauty in the swirls of gray. The various shades of gray moving and mixing and creating shapes in the sky.

We need to look up and take notice.

And when we do we will be awed!

Fr. Schmemann says it well:

Look up and see God and the joy of His coming!

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