Sunny Sunday

Good morning and welcome to Sunny Sunday!

Each Sunday I write and post about Resurrection hymns we sing each Saturday evening and Sunday at Liturgy. I absolutely love being able to do this. It has truly been influential in my climbing out of the darkness. And as I was trying to come up with a theme name for these days it seemed so appropriate to say Sunny Sunday.

Sundays always make the sun shine in my life. In my heart.

Sunny is cheery and bright.

So now we have Sunny Sundays.

This week I bring you 2 very wonderful hymns we sang in vespers last night.

I love this first one…

Light! How many times do you see the word “light” in this hymn?

“O never-setting Light

“Thou hast revealed the light of the Resurrection”

“O Lord and Giver of light!”

Light! Bright, sunny, cheerful. Light!

We also sing that the Light “dispels” the darkness! Thank you, Lord, for bringing the sunny days to my life.

This is joy!


Let us magnify Him with songs of praise this day and all week long. For Christ has risen on the third day! He had brought light to the darkest of days.

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