InCoWriMo is Coming!

It has been a couple years since I wrote about February’s challenge of InCoWriMo:

International Correspondence Writing Month

When I first heard about InCoWriMo I was so excited! I love letter writing and sending cards and here was a challenge to write every single day in the Month of February! What fun!

I think this is the perfect year to jump on board and join the fun of InCoWriMo! So many people are cooped up and isolated. Shut-ins at church, elderly neighbors, family and friends. And there are many people in our lives that we just don’t see because they are far away!

I believe writing letters or sending short little notes is one of the best ways of kindling joy!

I started “Letter Writing Wednesday” on this blog almost 3 years ago with this post which shares of my love of letter writing.

2020 was a difficult year for all of us and though it was more important than ever to keep sending letters and cards, I really struggled with being consistent and really dropped the ball on sending birthday cards and other special day cards. And I didn’t really write about it after the first of the year here on the blog.

2021 is a new year. A new beginning. Another chance to send joy through the mail.

And another year to encourage you to join me! It not only spreads joy to the receiver but it also will truly fill you with joy as you seal that stamped envelope and stick it in the mailbox. When you do this, you know full well you will absolutely put a smile on someone’s face! You will indeed be kindling joy!

InCoWriMo takes place for the entire month of February. Won’t you join me in sending a note or letter each week. You can even hand deliver it if you’d like. Send a note to a neighbor or a co-worker, a parishioner or the clerk at the store.

The InCoWriMo website is offering a printable planning calendar for your February writing month. You can go to their page and see their cute little calendar or if you are interested I created one here.

Just jot down a name for each day and take out the first half of the battle before the month even starts. Click the image for your free printable!

My love for letter writing is the very reason I started creating notecards and greeting cards. I find such joy in creating cards with hymns from church, scripture, saint quotes and more. My newest card set created by the request of a close friend has hymnography from the Akathist of Thanksgiving.

Akathist of Thanksgiving Card Set–Click image to go to my Etsy shop for details on this card set and more.

Blank inside, these make a great thank you card or a regular note card for someone who needs a smile.

I hope you will consider joining me for International Correspondence Writing Month! It is true joy to send letters and cards and you won’t regret it!

Have a blessed Letter Writing Wednesday!

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