Over the last year there has been one activity that has stood out to me as far superior in kindling joy than anything else in my life.

Letter Writing!

I developed “Letter Writing Wednesday” and an absolute joy in sending mail.

I’ve shared quotes, ideas, charts and more. All to inspire more letter writing via snail mail. Good old fashioned, hands on letter writing.

Stick a stamp on an envelope and stick it in the big blue box on the corner…That kind of letter writing.

I will continue to encourage this kind of kindling because, well, it is pure and true and love.

Everyone loves to open their mailbox and find something personal, something pretty and handwritten.

It sends a message of love and thought.

I discovered recently a movement on the WWW.  Have you ever heard of NaNoWriMo? My daughter, Kelsey, is really into NaNoWriMo! It stands for National Novel Writing Month. You sign up via their website to join this movement that takes place every single November. It is a place where writers can go to inspire one another into writing an entire novel in one month. The first rough draft. You log your word count and if you make the required # of words (whatever the average is for a short novel) you get a big High Five from the community. Kelsey has participated for 2 years or more and loves it!

Well, the reason why I bring up NaNoWriMo is because I came across something akin called InCoWriMo!

International Correspondence Writing Month

They take their inspiration from NaNoWriMo and challenge you to hand-write and mail/deliver one letter, card, note or postcard every day during the month of February. Why February? Because it is short!

Check out their website and see what it means to participate.

Won’t you join me in InCoWriMo and begin sending letters or cards on Friday, February 1st?

Even if you send just one, you’ll begin to feel how joyful it is even for you, the sender.

Join the revolution!

Send mail! Send joy!

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