“Seek God, such is the unalterable rule…”

I came across an incredible quote that I just needed to share. I read it in the book I’ve talked about many times before called Becoming a Healing Presence by Dr. Albert Rossi. He mentioned that he found it in the book The Art of Prayer and he was sharing about an incredible moment he had with Fr. Thomas Hopko.

I gotta tell you…this book is really an incredible book! As usual, I highly recommend it.

This quote was from St. Theophan.

Seek God, such is the unalterable rule of all spiritual advancement. Nothing comes without effort. The help of God is always ready and always near, but it is only given to those who seek and work, and only to those who put their own powers to the test, then cry out with all their heart; Lord, help us. So long as you hold on to even a little hope of achieving something by your own powers, the Lord does not interfere. It is as though He says, “You hope to succeed by yourself—very well, go on trying. But, however long you try, you will achieve nothing.” May the Lord give you a contrite spirit, a humble and contrite heart.

Have you ever read Becoming a Healing Presence or The Art of Prayer? I have been SLOWLY reading the former for a very long time. I just read one section every once in a while, and let it sink in. And sometimes read it many times. This one quote is a doozy, and I will read it many, many times.

If you are like me and would like to print this quote out to read again and again…here is a pdf printable.

Have a blessed Thursday!

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