Calendar Beta Test

Good morning, friends!

I want to share something I’ve been working on and hopefully get a few of you to help me test it out!

Last summer a friend of mine approached me and told me how they would a calendar with the Resurrection Reminders, the hymnography of the church. I was really inspired by this but didn’t do anything right away. As time went on I began thinking about the calendar we have from church with the readings and saints on it and how it really has no room to write in the squares and how we almost always need a couple different calendars to have everything we need. So I began playing around with the idea of creating a calendar with hymnography as the theme but also making it large enough for room to write, as well as including all the saints of the day and scripture readings.

So today I have a partial calendar created and would LOVE some feedback. I have given out some to friends nearby and have a few left over and thought I’d open it up to my friends online to test out.

Would you be interested in testing out this calendar and giving me feedback?

The size of each sheet is 17″ x 12″ so opened up on the wall it is 17″ by 24″. Each square is approximately 2.5″ long. The photos are based on hymnography of the church, hymns we actually sing regularly, mostly Resurrection Reminders, so Resurrectional Troparion or Kontakion hymns. The versions used are, of course, what I am familiar with, usually from the OCA website, but not always. The scripture references are based on the OCA rubrics and taken directly from their website. There is highlighting of fasting days. Special highlights of major Feast days. The calendar currently only goes through August. Moving forward, my hope is to create a calendar based on the liturgical year which begins in September.

I only have five to give away for testing so if you are interested in using this calendar and giving me feedback leave a comment and let me know. Preference is given to those who would really make use of this, so if you are in Orthodox Christian or a catechumen in the Orthodox Church you get first dibs.

If interested please leave a comment and share with us what your favorite hymn of the church year is and then head over to my Contact page to send me an email with your shipping information.

Thank you friends!

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