Let Us Pray to the Lord

Today I wanted to share another prayer with you from the little booklet I mentioned previously, “Our Father: Meditations on the Lord’s Prayer” put out by The Orthodox Monastery of the Transfiguration in Ellwood City, PA. Each prayer is based on a section of the Lord’s prayer and there is one for morning and one for evening of each day of the week.

This prayer I wanted to share with you is an evening prayer, as you lay down to sleep this night ( and every night if you wish) pray these sweet words reflecting on Hallowed be Thy Name:

As I turn me to rest, my soul doth magnify the Lord. From the depth of my grateful heart I thank Thee for all the opportunities of this day. Thy Holy Name have I sought ever to hold within my heart. Forgive me wherein I have failed in worthily bearing witness to Thy glory.
Thy Name I dare not utter, too holy is It for my sinful lips, yet upon It do I dwell. In Thy Name have I found the strength and the patience to love and to laugh, to sorrow and to cry with my fellow man.
Thy Name to praise has been my goal. Though far short have I fallen of this my desire, yet to it again I turn.
Foot weary and sore at heart, my comfort lies in the Name of Jesus as in It also now I find my rest.
I pray thee, let the Holy Name, even as I sleep, dwell within my loving heart. AMEN

Evening Prayer by Mother Alexandra

I love that last line: I pray thee, let the Holy Name, even as I sleep, dwell within my loving heart.

May your Monday be blessed beyond measure and may you fall asleep this night with the name of Jesus on your lips and in your heart.

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