Letter Writing Wednesday

Welcome to another Letter Writing Wednesday!

How are you all doing on this Wednesday?

In case you are new to this blog I will share about this Letter Writing Wednesday. If you are not new, it is no secret that letter writing is dear to my heart. I feel like it needs to be talked about on a regular basis for several reasons.

  1. It brings joy to those who receive!
  2. It brings joy to you the sender. It really does! Try it some time.
  3. It is a lost art and one that needs promotion because it needs reviving.

Here at Kindler of Joy, we are all about kindling joy in the hearts of others and ourselves and letter writing is one of the best ways to do that. Especially in this world of isolation. Despite the ever increasing connections of social media, this day and age is fast becoming one of the loneliest of all time.

So that is what Letter Writing Wednesday all about!

It is taking some time to sit down and pen a letter to someone who really needs to know you are thinking about them. In my book, that can be just about anyone! It also doesn’t need to be a lengthy letter, but even a small notecard that simply says, “I’m thinking about you! I hope you are well! Have a blessed week!” will bring a smile to someone’s face.

Won’t you join me for Letter Writing Wednesdays?

February is fast approaching and last Wednesday I talked about InCoWriMo, International Correspondence Writing Month. A time of being truly intentional with letter writing or sending cards. Check out last week’s post if you haven’t and join the bandwagon of sending a card or letter each day of the month of February. There is even a free printable to help organize your plan of writing.

And lastly, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention my Kindler Creations at least once in awhile and what better time to do that than when talking about letter writing. It is actually quite difficult for me to self-promote. I don’t do this to make a ton of money or become famous, but rather I create cards because I truly enjoy it and I really love to share the beauty of God’s creation, beautiful hymnography and encouraging scripture. My hope is that others will begin to spread those beautiful words of encouragement as well. I find great comfort, encouragement, and joy in God’s creation, hymns, and word and I want to be a kindler of joy in others.

Here is one of my favorite cards, one of my first creations:

There are many more to see, check out my Creations page which has links to my Etsy shop.

Do you have your list of letters and/or cards to send today? Let’s spread some joy around the globe, shall we?

Have a blessed Wednesday!

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