Hello friends! Happy Sunday to you! Happy Resurrection Sunday!

At the end of August I watched a documentary called Social Dilemma. It’s the kind of documentary that can change your life if you allow it. I hope I have allowed it even somewhat.

More importantly, about the same time, and shortly after posting about my week with Molly and the reflections of the Prayer of the Optina Elders, I went ahead and took the plunge and signed up for the Six Weeks to Sanity course at Filled with Less.

The combination of the two events inspired me to take a 30 day break from social media. I wanted to focus on the course and allow my mind to not be distracted as I worked.

It was a very inspirational 30+ days!

I will probably share periodically some of the things I learned from the Six Weeks to Sanity course, but there is so much depth to it I can’t possibly share it all. Plus…I will forever be growing and learning and fine-tuning my path to intentionality, my path to salvation. Don’t we all? I am so grateful for Molly, Cynthia and Pres. Stacy and their guidance on this journey. It will really help me as I continue to walk towards and work at being a Kindler of Joy.

About 2 weeks ago, as I was walking around my yard, I noticed something that was truly incredible!

You see these photos?

We have some daisies, dusty miller, hydrangea and last but not least…Easter Lily! It was early October and I have Pascha blooming in my yard!!


Every one of these plants was purchased back in April to be part of our homebound bier and some were at Church for the bier that was created there on Holy Friday. They are now planted in my yard and every single one of them is blooming. In October!

I am in awe of this and clearly see our risen Lord all about. This reminder is palpable.

Christ is risen.

Every day!

Just as on every Sunday we are reminded that Christ is Risen, I am grateful for this visible reminder in my yard.

Today we sang one of my favorite troparion hymns, Tone 3:

“Let the earth be glad!” It is! And it is all around us.

Have a blessed week!

3 thoughts on “Hope”

  1. I deleted my Facebook acct a few years ago, and Instagram account a few days ago, for various reasons. I’ve seen parts of The Social dilemma and realized I was addicted. I should spend my time doing other things. So good that your Pascha flowers are blooming again!

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