Resurrection Reminders

Dear faithful followers,

I am sorry that I have neglected this space for much of the summer. I have put a lot of focus on Instagram and Facebook (a new adventure) in order to begin building up Kindler of Joy Creations. One thing I have learned over the last many months of isolation from many of the people I love is that I love creating these cards and prints and sending them out. I love it a lot! And therefore I want to build on that, God-willing. Much of that activity has been spent on the other two platforms.

But this journey began here, this journey to joy and I need to remember that and continue some of the parts of this journal that brought me encouragement and joy from the start.

Resurrection Reminders is a favorite. Finding the beauty in the hymns we sing weekly that remind us of His glorious resurrection. They remind us that death is conquered. They remind us that Joy has come into all the earth! They remind us that the whole earth is full of His glory!

These hymns also make beautiful prayers, such as this one.

“Having endured the Cross, and destroyed death and risen from the dead, grant peace to our lives, O Lord, for Thou alone art All-powerful.”

This is my prayer these days…Lord, grant peace to our lives.

He has destroyed death!

He has risen from the dead!

May He grant you peace to you and yours!

Christ is risen! Every day!

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