The Sky

So, ever since last summer, I think I’ve talked way too much about the sky! It is no secret I am quite enamored with it lately. I find myself just looking up!

All the time.

It started with reading the Fr. Stephen Freeman book , Everywhere Present. And continued as I did some camping and hiking in this beautiful creation of the Pacific Northwest. And I finally posted about it, Looking Up.

But lately, as life has been throwing us quite a few curve balls and as I work very hard to keep my focus on the two things that truly keep my head above water…Christ is Risen and Christ is Everywhere Present…I find myself constantly looking up at the sky. Without much effort or thought.

I just do it!

Everywhere I go.

Yesterday, at work. I LOVE the naked trees against the sky. The details are amazing.

It brings me peace. It brings me joy. It puts a smile on my face. It comforts me. I feel Him with me.

Looking up.

It is so amazing what the sky can do. It is ever changing and beautiful. Even on a gray day.

So today, once again, I encourage you to look up! Look at the trees and the sky and feel them! Let them fill you with Him!

I am so excited to be a part of #bloginstead with so many others. Working to grow a Blogtown.

To Him be all the glory!

God painted this for us!

12 thoughts on “The Sky”

  1. I love how each of your photos of the sky is completely different. I don’t think too much can be said about it, and it is a great reminder to us of God’s presence. The people that fascinate me are those who take one thing and look at it from every angle and still see all the possibilities (thinking of folks like Snowflake Bentley or the artist John Constable who pretty much painted clouds for his whole career:) Thank you for this writing.

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    1. Yes, yes, yes!! I love the Psalms! I love using them to make my photo quotes! I used this one back in August sometime with a beautiful photo I took in Hawaii with a rainbow!


      1. These are NOT hard to do. Anyone with an iPhone or phone/digital camera which has a time-lapse function can do it.

        Literally just set the camera up (until I got a little tripod recently I used to tape my phone to the window), set it to time-lapse, and push start. Leave it up for as long as you want. Voila!

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  2. Hmmm. Not sure my phone (android) has that feature. I will have to look into it. But here at my house, I have way too many trees all around me to see the sunrise or sunset.


  3. I loved that book, too, and it’s funny how the recognition that heaven is as much down here as up there hasn’t lessened my love of the sky, either. It’s like the more I remember God is with us, the more the sky becomes a gift instead of a barrier.

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    1. Sorry, I am kind of slow at this blogging thing.
      But I’ve reread your comment and I do have to say that I agree. Especially since reading the book I find the sky to NOT be a barrier. It has been a game changer for me.

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