O Lord, O Lord, My Joy

I missed the third day of #bloginstead. But I have really enjoyed getting back into blogging and teaming up with such an encouraging bunch of people. What I am hearing from everyone is “happy to be back on the blog”.

It’s hard for me to blog every day and even to read daily. But I have thoroughly enjoyed this time and it will keep me going.

This has been quite a week for us. Hubby has had two months of a pretty stressful work situation, a very insecure situation, and this week has been no better. Then we got news our septic drain field has failed and we need to have a new one installed. If you know anything about septic systems, this is a big deal and not an inexpensive fix. We are strong believers and know God’s got this! But it still feels overwhelming when coupled with the stress of work issues.

So last night we cancelled our outside activities and stayed home to just let it all soak in and talk about options and details. We also leaned into God and prayed the Akathist to the Almighty God for Help in Times of Trouble. To be honest, we’ve not done this much. And it has been a long time. I honestly do not know why because it is amazingly beautiful. Amazingly comforting.

I wanted to talk about it today on my blog because it abounds in beauty, but I thought I had before. So I logged in to look through the past posts only to find that I haven’t talk about it except one brief mention in another post titled “Five Ways to Force Yourself Out of the Doldrums”. This is one of my favorite posts I did way back in October 2018. I hadn’t read this post in a very long time and I think I needed the reminder. I need to read this frequently, maybe even print the PDF I created for it.

The phrase throughout the whole Akathist that you hear is “O Lord, my Lord, my joy, grant that I may rejoice in Thy mercy.”

These words alone fill me with comfort and peace and they speak my heart’s desire. It’s a perfect breath prayer, one that can be repeated whenever, wherever.  At the beginning of the little booklet we read…

‘My brethren, deem it all joy whenever ye fall into diverse temptations knowing that the testing of your faith worketh out patience’ (James 1:2).
With these words from his General Epistle, St. James the brother of the Lord reminds us that the various afflictions we may encounter in our daily lives can be of great benefit. And we know, as St. Paul reminds us, ‘that to those who love God, all things work together for good’ (Roman 8:28).

This entire Akathist prayer is filled with beautiful cries to God asking for help. Here is the first one…my favorite…

O Champion Leader and Lord, Thou joy and gladness of Thy servants! Wherever Thou art, all grief is set at nought; wherever Thou art not, all joy is in vain. Look down upon me, a sinner who am perishing in this misfortune, and with the revelation of Thy salvation visit me who cry aloud: O Lord, my Lord, my joy, grant that I may rejoice in Thy mercy!

I have found peace in these words. I know He is with us. I just need to trust in Him.

Please pray for us through these difficult times. A secure job and a septic design that won’t cost $20k and if it does…peace and provision.

Glory to God for all things! And as St. James says, “deem it all joy whenever ye fall into diverse temptations knowing that the testing of your faith worketh out patience.”

Thank you, friends! And I look forward to Blogtown!

17 thoughts on “O Lord, O Lord, My Joy”

  1. I have this akathist in a booklet and have prayed parts of it but not all the way through. Thank you so much for sharing, this is very encouraging. I too have found praying akathists very helpful during specific seasons and needs of life. Prayers for a full solution to the septic issue. And I know about septic issues:)


  2. That is a beautiful Akathist! Thank you for sharing it! Have you ever read Wounded by Love:The Life and Wisdom of Elder Porphyrios? Changed my life! I still have worries very similar to yours, but it’s helped me have a more peaceful heart on the whole. I look forward to reading more of your posts! 🙏💕☦️🕊


    1. I have not read Wonded by Love but I have heard of it. I’ve checked it out at the church library only to let it sit too long. Reading does not get priority in my life, but I know it should. I can’t tell you how long it has been since I’ve actually finished a book. I’m currently working on Time and Despondency and it has helped to be reading it with a group of ladies. I hope to finish it.

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      1. I hear ya! LOL! However, when I started this one, I couldn’t put it down when I was reading the first half which is of his life. But I’m glad I got busy and read the second half, his words of wisdom, in parts. I could think, meditate, etc about them for a couple of weeks. In turn, during that time, things happened in my real life to help me fully understand what he was saying. I heard Time & Despondency is a good book.

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  3. Oh my dear friend! I’m so sorry for the seemingly constant crashing waves against the shores of your home. We pray with you for the septic situation. May God fully provide in all things at all times! Provide the strength to have strength, the wisdom, the peace, the resources, a good drainage field, and as always joy. What an excellent Akathist to pray! We love you guys


    1. Thank you so much for your prayers. And thank you for introducing this Akathist to me, although I’ve owned the little booklet for years I’ve never really prayed through the whole thing.


  4. Another reader who has only just right now heard of this Akathist! (That may not mean much, as this reader is a catechumen who has a lot to learn. I hardly yet know what an Akathist is.) Thank you for sharing. I’m reading your older post also — much depression here this week, and I will take any help I can find. God is good, but I forget! (How do I forget this??)


    1. I’m glad to have introduced the Akathist to you. It is so healing.
      We all forget!!!! It is my lifetime struggle and only recently have I realized how much I forget and by working at being reminded, daily, it becomes easier and easier. This blog was the beginning of trying to help myself remember. For me, physical reminders are essential. Welcome! And I hope we can encourage one another.


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