I’m Thinking of You!

Smack dab in the middle of Thinking of You week!

Send a Card…Deliver a Smile!

It is true! It does just that.

I’ve been working at sending a card each day. Since the last time I mentioned this week was on its way, two weeks ago today, a lot has happened. A lot of exciting movement.

Two weeks ago I posted on Instagram about sending mail for Letter Writing Wednesday and getting ready for Thinking of You week. What happened next was amazing.

Long story short, three of us gals came together and started a pen pal group on Instagram! We call it Orthodox Women’s Snail Mail Society!

In the first 3 days we have over 60 followers of women wanting to connect to other women via the lost art of letter writing! It has been amazing and fun!

The other exciting thing is that I decided to have a Card Party at my home in honor of Thinking of You week. This is similar to the Christmas Card Prep party I had last December (and plan to have again this year). I was pleasantly surprised to get a positive response to that and tomorrow evening, September 26th I’ll have some lovely ladies joining me for an evening of card writing.

Letter Writing Wednesday brings joy! It certainly has brought it to me and I hope as I send cards to others I will be delivering smiles all over the globe!

Won’t you join me in sending a card today to someone who just needs to know someone is thinking of them?

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