Happy Letter Writing Wednesday!

Last week I mentioned my fabulous idea of hosting a Christmas Card Prep Party. I did it! And it was a huge success, for a first year, last minute idea! 

We all had our cards and address books. Some snacks, sparkling cider and wine. Lots of chatting and laughter. I only worked a small dent in my card list but it was worth it to host this fun fellowship time. I will do it again!

I’ve started receiving some Christmas cards in the mail. It is SO fun! But so far, the best one is from my Uncle John.

If you’ll recall in my post about my Uncle John and his farm I told a story about giving him a birthday present I made in school. It was a book of poems and fairy tales. He read my blog post.

In the Christmas card I got from him was this beautiful picture!

Tears of joy streamed my face. I could have never imagined this picture would come my way. He took the time to dig it up and send it through the mail. Best Christmas present ever!

Since I’ve started this blog I’ve received love in the mail from my aunts as well. My aunt Marge sent me pictures of some times I was at her house as a little girl. Thank you all!

Let us kindle joy this season! Send love! You will never regret it!

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