Letter Writing Wednesday

All month long I have felt that it is later than it really is. I was sitting down to write to you about an event coming up because I had been thinking that it starts this next week. But in fact we have 12 whole days! Well, all the better I guess. All the more time to prep for it.

And I think I might just have a party!

Oh, yeah, I know this week was created by the Greeting Card Association to bring more sales, but you know what? It is a fabulous idea! Sending a handwritten note in the mail to someone to let them know you are thinking of them. And you don’t have to go buy a greeting card to do that!

“Send a card. Deliver a smile!” is their tag line and I love it! In fact I’ve been using that hashtag on IG since last years Thinking of You Week!

The Thinking of You website says this on the front page:

Thinking of You Week is an international movement to celebrate the joy of sending and receiving hand-written notes and greeting cards.
Between September 23-29, 2019, help us create a wave of happiness across the globe by letting people know that we’re “Thinking Of You”.
Thinking of You Week is all about the personal touch!

I believe in this because I believe in sending cards and notes! I know they send smiles and joy and love!

If you do want to buy cards I think one of the best places to buy cards inexpensively is at the Dollar Tree. They have Dayspring & Hallmark cards for 2/$1 or $1! That is where I got my last batch.

But I want to share a secret with you. Something few people know.

I want to be a card creator and seller!

In fact, I am in the midst of working on this next new adventure of mine that involves creating and selling my own creations, Kindler Creations. Soon, very soon, I will be opening an Etsy shop to sell my own cards. I’ve found a printer in my local small town and I am so pleased with their work. I am so excited about this next adventure.

Below was my test project for Pascha. I made these cards for myself. I love the smaller size and I love how they turned out.

So watch for the launch of Kindler Creations Cards and Gifts! Very soon!

In the meantime, won’t you join me for Thinking of You week and send a smile across the miles to let those you love know you are thinking of them? You have a whole 12 days to prepare!

Send a Card. Deliver a Smile. Today!

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