Letter Writing is Golden

We are harried as we arrive home from work or school or maybe it was a trip to Costco with our kids. We pull up to the mailbox completely uninterested, but it is a necessity. We pull out the mail and there on top is an envelope that in unusual. It is handwritten, stamped and personal.

A smile comes over our face and we suddenly forget all about the day at work or the trip to Costco. With joy we open that envelope and the world melts away.

It can be the sunshine in the midst of the day where clouds are often fogging over our sight.

Taking the time to write a letter or send a card has gotten to be extremely hard to do.

We get busy. Life takes over and we get disconnected from some of those who really do mean a lot to us.

We don’t need to be make it elaborate. Sending a smile can be easy and fun.

Letter writing makes us pause and think about those people we don’t have contact with very often.

Letter writing is bright sunshine and love that gets sealed in an envelope and sent across the miles to those we want to stay connected to.

Letter writing says, “You mean a lot to me.”

It says, “I care, you are in my heart and I want you to know.”

Letter writing spreads sunshine.

Letter writing spreads love.

Won’t you write a letter today?

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