The last two days feel frozen. Frozen feelings. Stuck in a rut.

But yet incredibly busy.

As I have shared before, I struggle at times with fighting those “demons at noonday.”

This is one of those times.

Intellectually I can fight. I know what’s needed.

I pray.

I listen and search. I want some answers.

I don’t like this.

So I seek to change it.

I was reading through a very old blog of mine, “Sophia Says“. It’s still there. It is a picture of what life was like when blogging was just a blogging thing. I was raising four children on a mini-farm and wanting to do, well, basically what I am doing now. Find me and fight my struggles.

Two things I discovered today by reading that old blog.

  1. The Orthodox world is small but yet so very big! I found that someone I thought was a new friend when I recently met her in person, was someone who read my blog way back in 2009! Ten years ago.

    *chip, chip* away went some of the ice that holds me fast like glue. This made me smile and feel some warmth of joy and love.
  2. A very good book needs to be picked up again and reread. One I read way back in 2009!
    The Way of the Ascetic: The Ancient Tradition of Discipline and Inner Growth. Full of wisdom and soul growing.

I need to take action.

I felt frozen. And God brought me to that post on my old blog from 2009 and whispered hope into my heart. Warmth melted that ice.

And I found courage and strength to get up and take action.

I give all glory and praise to Him! Alleluia!

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