Maxim Monday Week 36

Welcome back to Maxim Mondays!

After a very long break I determined that I need to begin again this discussion of the 55 Maxims I started well over a year ago. I have had two reminders over this past weekend that has brought up this wonderful list that Fr. Thomas Hopko, of blessed memory, created for our use. A list to inspire us on our path to salvation, to help us work out our salvation.

First, over the weekend, my husband and I attended a conference in which we heard Fr. Stephen Freeman speak. He brought up the 55 Maxims at the end of his talk as being things that really do matter in our Christian walk. He talked a great deal about the fact that we can’t truly make the world a better place but we can do good. It is far deeper than that simplistic sentence and I may talk more about it in another post but the point for this post is, working on the 55 Maxims will truly help us do good things and be better people as Christians.

Secondly, I visited a friend whom I had given a set of the 55 Maxims cards I created a few years ago. She told me she still has her set of cards on her desk at work and every week she draws out a new card randomly and puts it up to contemplate through the week.

These two incidences have inspired me to continue with the Maxim Mondays. Let’s finish the list. Each Monday I will bring to you a new Maxim, starting where we left off in December. Most of the time I don’t really have much to add to it, but I will give you a printable pdf of the Maxim for you to use at home if you so desire. I’d love to hear from you, though. Do you have any insight on the maxim. Quotes or scripture that would tie in with it?

So, let’s begin again!

Picking up where I left off we are on Maxim number 36:

Click for printable pdf.

In Fr. Thomas’ podcast he really emphasized the “simply”.

When we speak, speak simply, clearly, firmly, and directly—nothing superfluous, not putting on airs. Again, simplicity is the rule.

Fr. Thomas Hopko

Christ is Risen!

5 thoughts on “Maxim Monday Week 36”

      1. Thank you, Susan. I enjoy doing calligraphy and this gives me a great way to practice it. It takes a long time, but it’s fun!


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