Letter Writing Wednesday

I am finding joy in getting back into the rhythm of my blog!

And one of my favorite parts of that is Letter Writing Wednesdays! There is such joy in sending and receiving something handwritten in the mail. Who am I kidding? Most of the joy is in receiving it but you can’t receive something if someone isn’t sending something. And it brings me joy knowing I’ve put a smile on someones face and in their heart.

I started Letter Writing Wednesday back in March of 2018 in an effort to spread this beautiful lost art. I realized that my little corner of the blogosphere is practically invisible but I will not stop. I’m passionate about it.

I brings me joy!

One of my dreams is to make cards and stationary and other letter writing add-ons like stickers or stamps. To sell!

This last Pascha I began the journey and I am so excited about it.

I made my first cards to be professionally printed. Not to sell just yet but to use for my own Pascha/Easter cards. I was so thrilled to pick up my pack of cards from the printers and I was so very pleased with the outcome!

This was super fun to do and I can’t wait to create more.

I need to do a bit more research on the best way to go about actually selling but doing this first project really was encouraging and inspiring.

So watch for it, my joys! Kindler Creations coming soon to a store near you!

Christ is Risen!

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