Maxim Mondays

Yesterday, March 18, was the 3rd anniversary of the repose of Fr. Thomas Hopko. Many know Fr. Thomas but if you don’t let me introduce you. He was the Dean of St. Vladimir Orthodox Seminary for 10 years and taught Dogmatic Theology for 34 years. He was an author, lecturer, podcaster and an amazing Christian man.

One of many podcasts he did became very popular and is an incredible tool for Christian living. 55 Maxims of the Christian Life first came out in a podcast that aired during Great Lent of 2008. The title of the podcast was “Lent-the tithe of the year”, well worth a listen to. Towards the end he shares with the listener a “list of the things a believer would do if he were really a believer.”

I have thought a lot about these over the last couple of years and how I might try to incorporate them into my life better. I even made a 55 Maxims deck of cards to give as gifts one Christmas (but didn’t get around to making one for myself).

In this journey to joy, this place of focusing on the joy of the Resurrection every day all year long, I believe these 55 Maxims can play a roll. Fr. Thomas was answering a question to summarize what a practical life of a believing Christian would be like. In walking the Christian life, not just during Lent but all year, we walk closer to Christ, the Risen Christ. And by doing so we find joy.

Each week on Monday, Maxim Mondays, I will post one of Fr. Thomas’ Maxims. A maxim to inspire, to mold into the fabric of our lives as Christians, that we may walk with the Risen Christ.

Maxim Monday Week 1:
Be always with Christ.  Fr. Thomas said, “Be always with Christ. Trust God in everything. Never forget God.” Podcast & full transcript can be found here.

Here is a printable for you to post on your fridge or at your kitchen sink or anywhere you want a reminder. (These are 5×7 pdf’s but can fill the page of a regular sheet of paper just fine.)

#1  Maxim Week One: Be always with Christ. 

Join me on this journey to joy, to walk toward the Risen Christ, to walk WITH the Risen Christ.

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