Uncle John and the Farm

This was before my time by about 3 years.

Yesterday my uncle John was “in town” (3 hours away as opposed to 1800 miles away) and I got to spend some time with him and my aunt Mary Ellen. The time went way to fast and I regret not clearing my entire day to be with them.

THIS is the happiest place on earth! For me, in the 70’s and 80’s.

My uncle is one of my most favorite people to be around in all the world. He is gentle, kindhearted and ever so funny! He loves the Lord with all his heart and it shows.

One of my favorite memories of his funny side was at his birthday party in a park somewhere. I don’t remember where or when, all I know is that I was young. I had decided to give him a book of poems and fairy tales that I had made in school as a gift. I think it must have just been copy work of sorts because they were your standard, “There was an old lady who lived in a shoe…” and the likes. He read that entire book out loud and had everyone in stitches as he changed words here and there to make it all very nonsensical (as if they weren’t nonsensical enough).

My uncle owned a family farm in the middle of Northern Wisconsin. About 11 years ago I wrote on my old blog about how this farm was an integral part of my childhood and how incredibly influential it was in me wanting to have a place in the country of my own.

The novelty of my own little “farm” has worn off as of late but my love for my uncle and the family farm that was such a blessing in my childhood will never fade.

Many hours spent in here with my uncle and cousins milking cows!

Do you see the machine shed below? That particular image brings to mind a particular day of playing at the farm. We, all the cousins, gathered for a game of whiffle ball behind the shed there. As I was running to home plate to tag someone out, I tripped and fell, planting the side of my face against the shed. I cut the side of my face open on a piece of metal shed that was sticking out. That memory isn’t the best but it is very vivid yet. And that actually was such a fun time playing ball!

As I get older these memories become increasingly important to me. In fact, family in general is becoming increasingly important to me.

My own children are growing up and slowly beginning to spread their wings. One already has, another is beginning to emerge from the cocoon.


L-R: my dad, aunt Marge, aunt Rachel and uncle John. 1969


L-R: aunt Marge, my dad, uncle John, aunt Rachel. 2003

They all bring joy.

We need to continuously bring these memories to the surface. They bring smiles.

We need to continuously reach out to those we love. They bring joy.

Hugs. Hellos. Connection. Human connection. They bring warm feelings of comfort, love and joy.

Phote Credit: aunt Marge

Do you have a family member that you haven’t spoken to in a long time? How about seen? Our lives are but a blink of an eye. Don’t let it close up on your memories.

Reach Out! Kindle Joy!

All farm photos credit goes to my mom, Faith.

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