Ready for ILWW?

Next week on October 9th it is World Post Day! I talked about it 2 weeks ago to get you revved up for it. Well, now it is really time! International Letter Writing Week encompasses the entire week of October 9th. This year it is October 7th through October 13th!

Are you ready?

Do you have your supplies?

What do you need?

  1. Notecards or stationary! This is simple. One of my favorite places to grab some inexpensive stationary or cards is the thrift store! Sometimes you can find some really cool vintage letter writing supplies. If that doesn’t work for you check out Trader Joe’s. They have a great selection of cards and they are ALL .99 cents!
  2. Stamps! Look at all these awesome and fun stamps you can get at the USPS these days!  Picture courtesy of USPS.com.

3. Fun embellishments! I love to use wax seal stamps like the ones below. Or how about just a bunch of fun stickers that are easy to pick up at your local wally-world or drug store.

4. Last but not least… you need a list of people to write to! First and foremost I highly recommend connecting with family and friends you haven’t written to in a long while. You will instantly put a smile on their face. Then if you need other suggestions here is a list I wrote about 2 weeks ago from “Naomi Loves“.  

Write to children in hospital via Cards for hospitalized kids 
Write to a nursing-home resident via Love for the Elderly 
Write to a homeless person via Silver Lake Love 
Write to a seriously-ill child via Send kids the world 
Write to a soldier on deployment via Adopt a US soldier

And if all else fail….I’d love to receive a handwritten note from you.

Susan Ferrenberg
PO Box 1507
Poulsbo, WA 98370

If you’d like a piece of sunshine sent your way I’d love to send it. Leave a comment with where it should go!

I hope you are ready to send some joy through the postal service during International Letter Writing Week!  I’m ready!

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