Thinking of You Week

Early Monday morning while on my Instagram account I discovered that this week is known as “Thinking of you Week.”

There is a whole website devoted to this week and despite the fact that it was created by the Greeting Card Association for their profitable gain, I back it up! Of Course! Why wouldn’t I? Listen to their mission statement and tagline:

Now in its fifth year, Thinking of You Week (24 Sept – 30th Sep 2018) inspires people to create a wave of love, caring and happiness by sending greeting cards to different people during the week.

Sending cards generates positive feelings and well being. Science has shown that receiving a handwritten card is far more personal, creates a lovely warm positive boost and makes people feel far more special than receiving texts, emails or social media messages.

The Thinking of You Week website is full of amazing articles like “What’s Lost as Handwriting Fades” and “The Magic of Ink on Paper“.

As I perused their website full of fun ideas to promote this week I read the FAQ section. This is is an awesome Q&A:

Isn’t this just a way for your industry to sell more cards?

You can make your cards, buy them or send the ones that you’ve had tucked away in a dusty drawer for years – we don’t mind! We just know that it feels great to receive them!

Indeed! It truly does feel great to receive them! One of the best way to Kindle Joy in the hearts of others is to send out cards and letters!

Next year I’d like to be ready and plan a fun event to promote Thinking of You Week.  In the meantime, join me today, Letter-Writing Wednesday and send a card or two to someone that has been on your mind lately or to someone you know needs a smile!

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