Maxim Week 27

Welcome to Maxim Monday! The last 2 weeks we’ve been talking about work. Getting our work done and letting it go and today…

  Do the most difficult and painful things first. We tend to do the easy things, the things we like, and put off the things we don’t. We should try to reverse that and do the most difficult and boring things first.

Fr. Thomas Hopko, podcast “Lent–the tithe of the year.

There hasn’t been a maxim yet that I think I’ve not needed to work on. I tend to become overwhelmed with the difficult tasks I have before me. My knee-jerk reaction often times is complete paralysis displayed in the form of ignoring said difficult tasks.

As I mentioned last week, I have been working on my Big 3 plan that I developed via Michael Hyatt’s Free to Focus 5-day Challenge and this has been the perfect avenue in which I can begin to focus on those difficult and sometimes painful tasks. If I write at least one of these on my Big 3 for the week or day then I feel empowered to get it done.

This Big 3 method of working on my often times very long to-do lists has been very inspiring and encouraging for me in the 2 weeks now that I’ve been using it.

Try to focus on this Maxim this week and work on your most difficult tasks early in the day!  How does this work for you? I’m guessing for me, it will be a good thing!

Have a blessed week my joys!

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