Maxim Week 23

Welcome to Maxim Monday! I’m so glad you stopped by. Today we will see what Fr. Thomas Hopko, of blessed memory had to say in Maxim 23. If this is your first time here and wonder what this is all about check out the very first week of Maxim Monday here.

Fr. Thomas Hopko said on his podcast:

Live a day, and even a part of a day, at a time. Don’t be in the past, and don’t be in tomorrow. St. Benedict said: “Do what you’re doing. Be present where you are.” What does God want me to do, right now—not later tonight, not tomorrow morning, not yesterday, but right now?

I’ve read this list of maxims numerous time before but today as I’ve read this one I have grabbed at it a bit more. Lately  I’ve felt a bit anxious about my future for various reasons.  I just tend to worry far too much and much of the time for no particular reason. So I really just needed to read this. I will endeavor to follow Fr. Tom’s advice and focus on today, or this part of the day.

I think God would want me to focus on loving others. He would want me to focus on the “one thing [is] needed”.

I’m reminded of an Instagram post I created. It’s what I call a “picture quote”. I love this quote from Walt Whitman.

Let us all try to focus on this day, or part of this day, and not just today, but always.

To print this Maxim click here.

Have a blessed week!

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