The Aim of Love

One day as I was culling emails I came across an email from my godmother. She sent this little note to all her god-daughters. It is a quote from a book and a wonderful reminder to us all that above all love is the answer and love is what truly brings us joy.


Dear Goddaughters,

I ran across this in my readings today. I thought it was beautiful. From “The Church at Prayer” by Elder Aimilianos of Simonopetra:

“The aim of love is for one person to give joy to another; for me to voluntarily deprive myself of something so that someone else has more; for me to sacrifice myself so that the other feels at ease, feels secure in his life. Love is a link which ties us to the Church and at the same time to Christ. How are we to achieve this? By “bearing patiently with one another’s failings in the spirit of love”, as the Apostle Paul says, by accepting the other person as he is. Does he grumble? Let him grumble! If you try to make him stop grumbling, he’ll grumble even more, and you’ll get upset and start to shout. Someone else gets up in the middle of the night, makes a lot of noise, and wakes you up. You probably do the same thing and don’t even realize it. Leave him alone because if you try to reprove him, he’ll want later to correct your mistakes.
How do we become kind? By “forgiving one another”. I realize, for instance, that someone is angry with me. I don’t speak roughly to him. Instead, I behave toward him with great politeness and love, imitating the Lord. We also express our love by honoring one another. Let each of us do what the other wants. The husband what his wife wants, and the wife what the husband wants.”

I could probably type out the whole book. Every day I find something really beautiful that I want to send.
Have a wonderful feast day.

Kh. M.

In June I posted about “Praying the Scriptures”. This little email from Kh. M reminded me that years ago I wrote another prayer out of scripture for myself, and it includes the scripture mentioned above, Colossians 3:13. My prayer uses Colossians 3:12-17.

May we all find love and the strength to bear patiently with one another and above all kindle joy in others which is the aim of love!

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