Maxim Week 3

Greetings on this Holy Monday.

Today is week three of Maxim Mondays and Fr. Thomas Hopko’s advice is:

“Have a keepable rule of prayer that you do by discipline. You can’t just pray when you feel like it. You have to pray by discipline, the times of day where you would remember God and say your prayers.”

As we work through this blessed week of Christ’s Passion, let us work towards this “keepable rule of prayer”. What might it look like for you? It will be different for everyone.  How do you determine this? Do you talk to your spiritual father? Or do you figure it out on your own?  This is something I’ve struggled with always. As Gerontissa told me, “Pray while you work.” when my kids were younger, I always felt that was my rule of prayer. But now my kids are older I feel I really need to make more effort to pray at specific times daily. I’ve slowly adopted this into my life. This week I will revisit how my rule is working out and see if it needs fine tuning.

Printable Maxim  #3

To see the start of this Monday series go here, the first post. Or go to the tag “Maxim Mondays”.

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