Today is Christ Risen

It is a very crisp day here in Fargo, North Dakota. How crisp? What do you think about a -6 degrees? That is the current temperature. The high on the bright & sunny day was zero! When it is this cold we do not go outside much but we sure do enjoy the bright sunshine & the beautiful blue sky. So far we are enjoying our first winter in the tundra.

These crisp and clear days fill me with joy! I love the sun so much! The beautiful sky and our Lord’s creation are enhanced by the sun that illumines all of creation.

This cold & crisp Sunday, the last Sunday of January, we hear this verse in Church, reminding us of His glorious resurrection and how he renewed joy to the myrrh-bearing women.

And just like the myrrh-bearing women, if we open our eyes, we too can have renewed joy! Let us sing and rejoice in the Lord Who has created all things beautiful!

The photo above was taken when we did the great blessing of water outside at the Red River. This is where Fr. Will blessed the water. It was a beautiful day!

Christ is risen, my friends! Today and on all days! Let us rejoice!

Have a blessed week!!



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