The Cultivation of a Boy

We traveled back to Western WA this week for a very special occasion. I am sitting here just two days (one really) before child number three of mine, my oldest boy, is united in holy matrimony to the love of his life.

My boy…now a man…married. Or will be. Quite soon.

It’s a bit surreal.

Because just yesterday I held him in my arms, all seven pounds eleven ounces of him as he first opened his eyes to recognize me and gaze upon this world. Oh boy! did I love that tiny big-eyed little boy. I nourished him and warmed him and kept him secure.

And he grew. A little bit taller, a little bit stronger and then suddenly he was running circles around me. So I showed him the way as he walked and talked and asked me why twenty times a day or more. I fed him and nurtured him.

And he grew. Taller still. Stronger and smarter and now learning to answer his own why’s but still seeking from his father and me. We loved him to the best of our ability. We guided him and suddenly I was looking up to see the smile on my boy, this boy ever so slowly becoming a man.

The boy-man is what I used to call him. As he was growing into his lanky legs and whiskered face.

And he grew some more, and oh! was he ever so smart.

Because not so long ago he caught the gaze of brilliant, beautiful young lady. A lovely girl who is smart and kind. A girl who will love him and continue to nurture him. She picks up where I left off, admiring him and encouraging him, and she is ever so proud of him…almost as much as me.

And in just a little over a day, he will be hers and hers alone. And he will take care of her and nurture her and speak words of love to her just when she needs them most.

This boy of mine, this tiny little boy of mine, oh! how proud, how delighted, how truly in awe of the amazing young man he has become.

We wait for this day don’t we, we mamas? And when it comes, it makes you reflect back over time, and right now all I can see is that little blond haired boy with the big grin playing swords out in the front yard with his little brother. Or the contemplative little boy sitting on the floor building legos and listening to books on tape. Right now, that’s all I can see, even though he sits here ready to step out into the world as a married man.

I’ve done my part.

And now I let go and let him fly away into the arms of his love.

May God bless them as they start this new adventure into married life. May He give them only that which is profitable for the salvation of their souls.

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