Prayer With the Living God

This morning it is quite crisp (3 degrees!!!!) and beautifully clear. We’ve had snow on & off for the last few days so it is also very bright! I had a beautiful view from my dining room window as I worked on my laptop.

This photo was taken just after sunrise before it got super bright like in the featured image.

I started a new book for Advent. It is called Prayer: Encounter with the Living God by Metropolitan Hilarion Alfeyev. The first chapter talks about how we need to view prayer as an encounter. He states that it is we ourselves who bring that separation between God and man and that even in our human communications we struggle to overcome barriers.

After all, even when meeting with a person we are not always able to overcome the barriers that divide us and to descend into the depths; often our communication with people is confined to the surface level. So it is in prayer, too. Sometimes we feel that between God and us there is a kind of blank wall, that God does not hear us. Be we should understand that god did not place this barrier there: we ourselves have erected it through our sins. In the words of one Western medieval theologian, God is always next to us, but we do not hear him; God is always within us, but we are on the outside; God is at home in us, but we are strangers to Him.

Met. Hilarion

My prayer this Advent is that I can learn to be present in prayer. That I can encounter the Living God while I stand in prayer each day. But also, that I may become more present in the communications I have with those here on earth as well.

I love how the chapter ended with a reminder…

I found this reminder quite inspiring. Viewing prayer as this opportunity encounter Him Who gave me life, Who conquered death, Who strengthens my every weakness, is so thrilling.

Go encounter God today!!



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