Book Club Break and Merch!

Good Monday afternoon, y’all!

Typically I have been posting my Book Club notes on Mondays but as of lately that has been hard. I missed last week and had incredibly busy week. And now we are on the home stretch towards Holy Week and Pascha so I have decided to take a short break from Book Club.

The last chapter of Time and Despondency is very long and very detailed with practical advice on how to work your way out of despondency. It is a very important chapter. So the break, until after Pascha, will be a good one so that I can really think on this last chapter. It is the one that I need most to dissect and make real in my life. When I come back, after Bright Week, I will most likely share this chapter in two or more posts. If you’d like to read what I have made notes on thus far in the book, you can check out the Book Club Monday tag.

And now for some exciting news!

I have merch!! I’ve taken the beautiful design my daughter made me and created some fantastic merchandise for sale on TeeSpring!

I am thrilled with how it turned out!

Become a Kindler of Joy and let the world know! Check out my TeeSpring Storefront for all items available. Lots of colors to choose from . This storefront also has the Death by Death products in it. Just scroll down to see the Kindler of Joy products.

So fun!

Have a beautiful evening!

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