Resurrection Reminder!

Even in the middle of Lent we get glimpses of the Resurrection! I love it so much!

This is late Sunday evening because I just got back from an anniversary camping trip. I posted on Thursday that it was our 27th wedding anniversary.

My hubby and I had a beautiful trip to a lake just 2 hours away where we camped in the very cold spring. By the time our trip came to a close it was bright, sunny, and if you were in the sun, it was warm.

What a gorgeous, bright, sunny Sunday it was. Let us sing of Thy Resurrection…

Stichera hymn tone 3

I love hymns that speaks of Christ enlightening the world!

The beauty of the universe I witnessed this weekend away was evidence of this.

I am so grateful.

I am also so very grateful for the incredibly thoughtful gift my hubby gave me. A new camera, to pursue my dreams of capturing His beautiful creation. To capture the altar we live within.

I have a lot to learn about this camera, I haven’t had a good in years and years and years. But I hope to take so many more beautiful photos to use in many new creations.

Have a blessed week!

By the way, just 3 weeks to Pascha, but there is still time to get your Pascha cards!

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