Ready is My Heart

Reading the Psalms as often as possible brings such peace and calm into my life. I have worked really hard to make this a part of my daily morning routine. On hard days it brings comfort and encouragement. I find nourishment for my soul.

Here is one that fed me lately. May you also be nourished by these words.

Have mercy on me, O God ; have mercy on me,
for my soul trusts in Thee,
and in the shadow of Thy wings will I hope,
until iniquity will pass away.
I will cry unto to God the Most High,
unto God the Benefactor.
He hath sent out of Heaven, and saved me;
He hath given over to reproach them that were trampling me down.
God hath sent forth His mercy and His truth,
and hath delivered my soul out of the midst of lions’ cubs;
I lay down to sleep as one troubled.
As for the sons of men — their teeth are weapons and arrows,
and their tongue a sharp sword.
Be Thou exalted above the Heavens, O God,
and Thy glory above all the earth.
They have prepared a snare for my feet,
and bowed down my soul.
They have dug a pit before my face,
and have fallen into it themselves.
Ready is my heart , O God; ready is my heart.
I will sing and chant in my glory.
Awake, O my glory; awake, O psaltery and harp;
I myself will awake at dawn.
I will confess Thee among the peoples, O LORD;
I will chant unto Thee among the nations;
For magnified even unto the heavens is Thy mercy,
and Thy truth even unto the clouds.
Be Thou exalted above the Heavens, O God,
and Thy glory above all the earth.

Psalter 56 (According to the Seventy)

Happy Friday, my friends!

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