Pascha is coming! Got Cards? And T-shirts?

And T-shirts? What?

Yep…we now have T-shirts available. It was designed because of a suggestion from a friend. He told us that the amazing drawing of Christ conquering death would make an awesome T-shirt.

So we did a bunch of research and decided to go with an online partner to create them. Teespring will print them and ship them direct to you.

You can also buy a mug!

There are lots of choices and you can find all the products by going to our TeeSpring storefront.

If you’ve never seen the original design, first created as a Pascha card (and available to purchase on Etsy) here it is.

All other Pascha cards are also available now on Etsy!

Are you ready for Pascha!? Don’t worry if you aren’t, you have time. Check out all the cards, and more. Here at the Shop.

Have a great Wednesday, friends.

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