Walking with Christ

In the 4 weeks leading up to Great Lent the lectionary readings of the Gospel have us walking with Mark and Luke through the Passion of Christ. We read about the preparation of Passover in the upper room, the Triumphant Entry on a foal, the betrayal. We walk with Jesus through his final week. The very last weekday Gospel reading from Luke, the Thursday prior to the beginning of Great Lent ends with St. Joseph of Arimathea requesting to put Jesus in his new tomb and the women preparing spices. Jesus has been crucified.

And then we enter Great Lent.

We are standing on the shore of the great sea of the fast with the very clear reminder of all Jesus did for us, as we prepare to meet Him on Pascha to declare His victory.

As I was reading Mark yesterday morning, when Jesus was betrayed by one of His own, I found myself yearning for Holy Week. Last year we didn’t get the Holy Week we were used to. It was here, we followed the same path, but we were home and away from the community of it all that we are so familiar with. So, more than ever, I am ready for this year’s journey through Great Lent, the voyage that lands us on the shores of Holy Week and ultimately with Christ’s victory!

Are you ready?

Want to prepare yourself for the start of Lent with these Gospel Readings?

Read Mark 14 & 15 and/or Luke 22 & 23.

May you have a blessed final week before Great Lent!

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