Off to the Printer

On this Letter Writing Wednesday I wanted to give you a sneak peek of what I just sent to the printer this morning.

These are all going to be cards or prints! And there are more not shown here.

We have something new this year, Lenten Encouragement cards! Can you guess which ones?

Pascha cards!

And a new 5×7 Prayer print. One of my favorite morning prayers!

And lastly I created a brochure that I plan to send to Churches that have bookstores.

It isn’t a very good picture but this is a glimpse of one side of a brochure I am sending out.

Do you have a church with a bookstore? Leave a comment and let me know the name of the Church and where it is. I can do the rest! I’d love to send your church a brochure so they can stock my cards and prints.

Thank you, friend! and Happy Letter Writing Wednesday!

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