Back in the Saddle Again

Hello my friends!

It has been a long while. COVID summer has been busy and crazy and I have been working hard on many projects.

And I am ready to share some with you!

I am so excited to bring to you many new cards and prints in my Etsy Shop!!

New in the Shop!

New Greeting Cards!

Many years! A set of 6 notecards, 2 of each design, proclaiming “Many Years!” Each has a carefully selected verse(s) from scripture inside. Click the image below to see each card in more detail in the shop.

Birthday Cards! This is also a set of 6 cards, 2 of each card pictured below. Each card has a lovely saying to send blessings on this special day. Click the image below to see more details in the shop.

New Blank Cards!

Three new sets of blank cards are now available. Follow the links below to see the details in my shop.

1 Corinthians 15:54,55

Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh

Oh Heavenly King

New Prints!

The images used on the blank cards above can also be purchased as prints. These make great gifts as framed art or prayer cards or reminders set about the house to help keep your focus. Click here to see all prints in my Etsy shop.

It has been so fun and exciting to work on these. Many of them were just images I created for an Instagram post and got encouragement that they’d make great blank cards. So I created them!

I pray all of you are well, staying healthy and happy during these crazy times we are in!

Never stop Looking Up and find the beauty all around. We live in an altar, one worthy of our praise!

Christ is risen!

Every day!

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