Thanksgiving Day 3

I have started noticing a habit in myself I do not like. I have begun picking up my phone to just see if I have any messages in any way, shape or form…Instagram message, email, text, any at all. It has started bothering me how often I do this and I’ve tried to pay attention to it. I’ve noticed that I do this, I think, when I am feeling lonely or just in need of connection.

In this world of instant connections on social media I find it odd that we are even less filled and even lonelier than ever. These social media connections aren’t really doing much for us but rather sucking us dry of what we are truly in need of.

Connecting to He Who has created us as well as real life human connections. Face to face.

But when we don’t have that face to face we really need to be filling ourselves with Him. He is the only One who can fill us with what we need.

As I’ve been working on filling my world with “reminders” I decided that I needed to find one that would be my go-to when I felt the need to pick up my phone because I was lonely or in need of connections. One that would remind me that He is what I am truly in need of.

Today as I was reading through the Akathist of Thanksgiving I found just what I needed.

How filled with sweetness are those whose thoughts dwell on Thee; how life-giving Thy holy Word. To speak with Thee is more soothing than anointing with oil; sweeter than the honeycomb. To pray to Thee lifts the spirit, refreshes the soul. Where Thou art not, there is only emptiness; hearts are smitten with sadness; nature, and life itself, become sorrowful; where Thou art, the soul is filled with abundance, and its song resounds like a torrent of life:

May we all find peace and contentment and rest in Him. May we be filled with sweetness.

I am so grateful to find this hymn as my reminder.

What are you grateful for this day before Thanksgiving?

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