I have started taking early morning walks lately and it has been truly inspiring. It has become clearer to me, even more so, that all has been enlightened. All of creation that is. I will never tire of it’s explicit beauty all around. Rich in colors. Intricate in detail.

While walking I often find myself humming or singing hymns praising our Creator. I can’t help myself, as this hymn from last night says! All creation, praising Thee, always offers Thee a song!

As I open my eyes to see His glorious beauty in creation I can almost hear it singing, it’s so rich and full. And my heart sings!

The hymn this choir sings (starting at about 40 seconds) is the exact hymn we sing at our church when we do Resurrectional Vigils. This is the hymn I always think of when I take my walks and am inspired by the beauty.

How glorious are Thy works, O Lord, in wisdom hast Thou made them all. Glory to Thee, O Lord, Who hast created all!

May your week be filled with moments that you see the enlightened creation, the creation He hast created for all.

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