Farewell to Maxim Mondays

Last week I posted the final of the 55 Maxims of Christian Living. Father Thomas Hopko created this list for a podcast he did in 2008. I decided early on when I created this website that I would do a focus on them each Monday. I did my first Maxim Monday on March 19, 2018.

This has been incredibly inspiring for me. I learned a lot and am very grateful.

These posts will forever be here for me to refer back to whenever I need or want to be inspired by Fr. Thomas’ wise words.

You too, can check back any time you’d like by going to the tags section and click on Maxim Monday.

Also available is the ability to print out each individual maxim. This is a great way to take the time to focus on one at a time. Print and post somewhere as your reminder to work on it. Just go here, or to the “Printables” page.

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