Maxim Week 50

Wow! I can’t believe we only have five Maxims left after this week. It has taken quite awhile to get through them all, after the big break last winter. It sure has been fun, hasn’t it. We might need to have a little celebration when we get to the end!


Be merciful with yourself and with others. Of course, we’re to be merciful to others, but we must be merciful to ourselves too. We cannot judge ourselves more harshly than God does, and the worst sin is despair. So we should be living by the mercy of God all the time—taking responsibility for our life, but not berating ourselves or beating ourselves up. God does not want that. There is no merit in that. Repentance is what God wants, not remorse or some type of self-flagellation.

Fr. Thomas Hopko

“…and the worst sin is despair.”

Oh! How I have struggled with this “worst sin”.

Be merciful.

This reminds me a bit about what St. Seraphim says about cheerfulness I posted about in May 2018.

There is nothing worse than dejection.

Be cheerful! It drives dejection away! It drives despair away!

Let us be merciful to ourselves. Let us be cheerful!

For me, the best way to try and be cheerful is to focus on the joy of the Resurrection!

Christ is Risen!

Have a blessed week!

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