I Will Tell of Thy Wonders

I have been reading.

I have been praying.

I have been listening to podcasts.

And lately, I’ve been truly inspired.

I have been hearing little nudges that I need to keep going.

I need to keep writing and creating. And I need to keep seeking joy and beauty in all of creation around me every day. In all those I meet and greet each day. For God is there, every where present and filling all things.

And my heart longs to see, hear, and feel Him who came into the world for me, this wretched sinner.

Oh! It fills me with joy knowing that He is there for me to find, everywhere and all around.

And I want to share it!

It makes me want to do as the Psalmist proclaims:
I will confess Thee, O Lord, with my whole heart, I will tell of all Thy wonders.
I will be glad and rejoice in Thee, I will chant unto Thy name, O Most High.

I will tell of all Thy wonders!

That is what I need to do! Declare, proclaim and share!

Rejoice and share!

I’m feeling inspired to continue to do just that, tell of Thy wonders!

Won’t you join me?

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