How Majestic

Driving to church last night I took the back roads to avoid traffic. There is an area that I drove through that I love so much. Recently, there was a section of it that was completely cleared of trees. The first few times driving through I was pretty sad about the clearing (it must have been cloudy days). The trees were so thick and beautiful, over hanging the road. I will miss that.

But after pruning and cutting and removing the forest, something spectacular happened. As happens after all pruning and trimming, right?

The first thing you notice is an incredibly deep and amazing valley. It appears where you would have never known there to be one.

It appears so majestic in the midst of the clear cut.

Last night as I drove through there something new appeared to me.

The most incredible view of the Olympic Mountains! This picture couldn’t possibly do it justice.

But How Majestic!

Ever since I saw this view last night I have had a hymn running through my head nonstop. One of my favorites. It comes from Psalm 8 and we sing it during priest’s communion during Divine Liturgy.

Oh Lord, our Lord, how majestic is Thy name in all the earth!

I can’t stop singing this!

Oh Lord, our Lord, how majestic is Thy name in all the earth!

Thank you, Lord, for the creation that is full of your presence and glory!

2 thoughts on “How Majestic”

  1. Thank you for doing this. This is the kind of inspiration I wish church notice boards would display, drawing from the infinite riches of scripture rather than posting silly jokes. But we can only speak what is in our heart, I’m glad beautiful scripture is in your heart!

    I also had a similar response to that clear-cut, at first sadness, and then interest and excitement at the new possibilities it opened up!!!


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