Let’s Send Joy Today

Dear Friends,

It has been far too long since I’ve written about letter writing. Well, about six weeks to be exact. I thought it time to touch on this subject a bit because it means so much to me.


I have a big project I’m working on, to share with you later, and it involves letter writing.

Why do I feel so strongly about letter writing?

Simply put…it brings joy to the receiver. And this blog, this journey I am on, is about bringing joy to those around us.

Letter writing is a simple way to do this.

I did some research recently about letter writing and found some very good articles on the web that touch on how good it is for the sender as well.

Over at Psychologies.co.uk I read an article called “Change Someone’s Day With a Letter”. She quotes several studies that show sending letters, especially notes of gratitude, can help you, the sender. And she even mentions a woman who set out to write a letter a day in 2013! She accomplished it far better than I did but I love what she says, “It also reminded me how easy it is to make someone smile and to spread joy through an unexpected activity. It really isn’t about giving huge gifts or grand gestures. The whole process also reminded me that the written word is incredibly powerful.” She speaks my heart!  (And it inspires me to do this activity again…maybe next year.)

Over at ColorYourLifeHappy.com (What a fun domain name!) you can read an article titled “Writing Letters Brings Double Happiness”. The author Flora says, “The greatest thing about letters, especially personal handwritten ones, is they create double happiness, touching the sender and the receiver.”

Now the next two articles I found in my search of letter writing I find most intriguing of all! They both are about writing letters anonymously to strangers.

Writing letters to complete strangers can make the world a better place” is an article at The Guardian about a young woman who just started leaving random notes around New York City. She started MoreLoveLetters.Com.

And yet another woman with the same idea, random anonymous letters, started her movement called SpreadJoy24-7.com!

Reading all these articles has truly inspired me to keep going. To pick up the pen more regularly than I have been.

And send joy!

Some events to keep in mind to get your letter writing back on the books…

Thinking of You Week: September 23-29 “Help us create a wave of happiness across the globe by letting people know that we’re “Thinking Of You””

International Letter Writing Week: October 6-12 ILWW always encompasses “World Post Day” (October 9th).

And of course the best…Christmas! Will you host a Christmas Card Prep Party this year?

Just wanted to give you some ideas to think about it!

Let’s “create a wave of happiness” and send some joy through the post today!

2 thoughts on “Let’s Send Joy Today”

    1. Francis, this is a fabulous idea. I’ve thought of it several times to do personally but didn’t follow through. I’ve done other letter-writing charities but this would be super fun as a community.


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