Psalter Readings

About two months ago I decided that I wanted to add Psalter readings to my daily routine. The Psalter is just a fancy book of Psalms that is used in liturgical practice. It contains the Septuagint version (in the numbering) of the Psalms that dates back to, well, forever. (Which is why you will see me have 2 number references on my Psalm quotes.) My Psalter uses a translation very close to that of the King James Version and I really love it.

I began this reading because I wanted something to read that would allow me to kind of “wake up” before I started my prayers. I’m not a morning person but mornings is really the best time for me to do my prayers and spiritual readings.

Recently, we had a parishioner who brought forth the idea of a Psalter group being formed for Great Lent in which we each would read out of the Psalms each and every day of Lent. She had 20 people sign up to join in the readings. The Psalter as I mentioned is used in liturgical practice and therefore broken down into 20 Kathismas which have about 3 Psalm chapters in each one. About. Psalm 118(119) has it’s own, of course. If each person reads one Kathisma each day and we each start on a different one, we in the parish would collectively read through the Psalter each and every day of Lent. As well as each individual would read through twice, the entire Psalms.

I love this!

Another benefit I have gained from this is to recognize the Psalms I hear in the services. It truly is astounding the number of Psalms that are used in the services of the Church! It’s comforting. It’s beautiful!

And when you begin recognizing them and hearing them over and over again. They are engraved on your heart. Forever

If you look carefully you’ll see the Vatican’s St. Peter Basilica between the trees.

And so many of the Psalms make such beautiful Pivot Prayers. Prayers that are quick and easy to remember and bring our thoughts back to God.

Posting Pivot Prayers around your home and office, and in your car, as reminders is a great way to never take your eyes and thoughts from Jesus.

Have a blessed Lenten journey my joys!

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